Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons

Dance LessonsDance LessonsDance Lessons

Hi, my name is Josh Harless, founder, teacher, and director of Bakersfield Dance Connection.  I look forward to meeting you!

Have Questions?

This site has lots of information, but if you have questions, I have answers. Click here to contact me.

Watch my favorite dance videos

Robert Royston and Terndlyon Veal show us the West Coast Swing dancing to a very upbeat blues.

Dancing to contemporary

The West Coast Swing can be danced to songs from today and "yesterday".  Check out Nick and Victoria dancing to contemporary hip-hop.

We even can have fun with costumes

Every year, we dance the West Coast Swing in outrageous costumes at the Halloween Swingthing.  Check out this dance which is done to two different songs [you MUST hear these songs!] during the Trump v Clinton election year.

About Us

Avoid feeling awkward and learn to dance like a pro!

I guarantee  you will feel confident and receive compliments when you dance. I have yet to meet the student who is unteachable. Everyone can dance!

  • An amazing new hobby.
  • A great way to get exercise.
  • A way to meet new people.
  • Really fun!!

Dana and Erin learned to dance in just 3 months.


Dana and Erin are two of our superstars. They learned the dance quickly and had a lot of fun doing it!  Here they are at one of our previous dance events.

We always have a great time!


What are you waiting for!  We are having a blast dancing in Bakersfield, and you should join us!